3 days in…

I wish I had blogged more these past couple days, but the only word to truly describe them is: EXHAUSTING! I am just exhausted.  My first day was just a whirlwind. At my school, we assign lockers, scan textbooks, hand them out, and get them all situated during homeroom. It was a little bit of chaos. These kids were so confused on how to open their lockers, what to put in them, etc.

Once we got past that mess, things were just fun. I absolutely love my homeroom. They’re precious. Their parents have been so incredibly supportive it’s scary. I mean I knew they would be great, I had heard that at this magnet school the parents truly put in effort to make their kids succeed there, and it is so true. I tell kids to bring magazines to cut up by Friday, and most of my kids brought them Tuesday. I couldn’t believe it. I did my student teaching in an 8th grade public school and it was like pulling teeth trying to get kids to bring stuff to class. So this is different.

I also handed out our first novel yesterday, The View from Saturday. It’s a cute book about 4 Sixth Graders at an Academic Bowl State Championship. I assigned the kids 20 pages due today. I had some kids ask me if it was okay if they kept reading.  Um, of course it’s okay!

It’s taking some adjustments for me, but things are working out. I’m enjoying the people I work with. I’m getting the hang of how much time I have to teach and a feel for the kids. My next 2 days are a piece of cake too. We’re taking a break from the novel, and working on collages for their journals. This way they have a personal stake in wanting to be responsible for their journal. It’s a piece of them. It should be fun.

I’ll try and blog more often. It’s just been a crazy couple days.

What we want is to see the child in pursuit of knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child.  ~George Bernard Shaw