Home Away From Home

My classroom from my desk. That back right corner is my reading corner. Those shelves are a work in progress. The teacher before me left a lot of stuff that I’m still going through. They are also storage for the kids’ instruments. Every student at my school is in band or orchestra.

That blue basket on the left is for lunches. Those popcorn tubs have supplies for groups. There’s colored pencils, markers, etc. I also have one of my classroom boxes of Kleenex, hand sanitizer, erasers. It’s also where I have my classroom library books, that I’m slowly going to grow. I am quite proud that it’s only been 7 days of school and I have 15 books checked out to students.

The front of my room. My board has homework and what we’re doing for the day on the left. The right hand side has our standards. Of course you can also see one of my student computers. That one is also connected to my promethium board. It’s my first time using a promethium board, and I’m already in love. Granted so far I’ve only used it for our Daily Practice Grammar, but it’s great fun writing on it.

Just a quick little post to show you what my room kind of looks like. There’s actually other stuff on the side of the room my desk is on. I’ll have to take pictures of that soon.

2 days down in my second week of my first year. I’m a little nervous that so far nothing disastrous has happened. It’s like I’m waiting for something bad to happen. Just have to keep taking deep breaths. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Home Away From Home

    • I follow the DGP book. My kids each have a composition book for grammar. Each day as a warm-up they come in and copy the sentence on the promethium board and then do what the directions for that day says. Mondays for instance they label each of the words in their sentence. Then I usually ask for a volunteer to go up and do it in the board. Some days I do more than one day’s worth of DGP. Especially if I have a day where I have a lot to cover. Tends to be a little time consuming.

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