Man, time has been flying. I can’t believe it’s almost October. I’ve almost completed my second month at school. It’s absolutely insane. I’m so busy, I can barely think straight. I have a lot I want to update on, but for now, I’ll choose one thing: Storyboards. I did this with my practicum class last year, and the kids seemed to enjoy it. I changed it up a bit with these kids and added in the factor of choice. We spent last week reading 3 different short stories from our Literature Books. We discussed the stories and their regards to theme. So this week, I had them choose one of the three stories to do a storyboard on. I gave them a long piece of white paper that we folded together so that there were 8 boxes. I also handed them a rubric. They were to diagram the dramatic structure to plot with their story. The first box had to have a title. The other 7 boxes they were to use the 5 parts of plot to diagram it. We discussed that sometimes there’s a lot going on in the exposition or the rising action so that could take an extra box or two. If it had a big climax, they could use that as well to fill their box. They were given choice in the matter. We worked on it for 2 full class periods. I asked they used at least 2-3 complete sentences per box. There had to be a picture per box. No pencil in any project (we use that as a school rule). It had to be neat and colorful as well. The kids really enjoyed this project. It also showed me that they understood the stories, and that they understand how stories follow this structure.

Here are some student samples:


The All-American Slurp


Dog of Pompeii






Ghost of the Lagoon





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