I am ending my second year of teaching, having been in two completely different public schools. I began my teaching career at a magnet school which was just an incredible experience with lots of creativity. Unfortunately, due to cuts to the budget of the district, I got displaced and put in a different school. To say that this past year of teaching has been difficult, would be an understatement.

I have been offered to return to the magnet school, but I also received an offer to teach at a Christian Private School. I accepted that offer, and feel as though maybe it is the right move to take a break from the county. It will be a third year of teaching at a different school, but the opportunities to try new things with a small class size is very exciting. I am also excited that I am able to speak about God if I choose to do so. Very different from a public school, obviously.

I’ve been very bad about keeping this thing updated, but I do have many great ideas that I feel as though I should share. Lots of bad things are shed on education, and I want to shed some of the good. There are struggles in every work field, but I feel as though blogs are at least a way we can all lean on and learn from one another.

Please feel free to shoot me comments with suggestions or anything else. I’d love to see what’s working throughout the country in middle school education.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Completely stumbled upon your blog via pinterest (and several blogs in between). I also teach 6th grade Reading/Language Arts and I noticed that the lit. selections you showed are identical to the textbook I use. I would love to share ideas! I hope you have a support system in your first year and I am always looking for fresh ideas from new teachers.

    Michelle Ashley
    North Richland Hills, TX

    • I am so sorry it’s taken this long to reply. I plan on sharing a lot of what I did over the summer now that I have more time to think through it and what worked and did not work. 🙂

      Thank you so much.

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